Woman Finds She Attended Husband’s 2nd Wedding as a Child!

A woman from Indonesia made a startling discovery by finding that she attended the previous wedding of her present husband while she was only nine years old.

Twenty-four-year-old Renata Fadhea is married to a man who is 38 years older than her. As per a report in the South China Morning Post, she has discovered that she had met her husband for the first time at his marriage ceremony when she was only nine.

Fadhea took to TikTok to post a video of her strange experience and the video has gone viral.

The viral clip shows a group photo from her husband’s last wedding in 2009, in which Fadhea stands next to her now-62-year-old husband.

In a later video, she describes that she had attended the wedding as a guest. Her husband is her aunt’s nephew. She adds that they did not know each other met in 2019 to get married in 2020. They had a child in 2021.

According to Fadhea, her husband divorced his second wife in 2011. Notably, he has one child from the first marriage and none from the second.

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