‘World’s Dirtiest Man’ Dies Shortly After First Bath In 60 Years


Tehran: A 94-year-old man, hailing from Iran’s Dejgah, known as the world’s dirtiest man died, a few months after his first wash.

Amou Haji – not his real name, but an endearing nickname given to elderly people, died on Sunday in the village of Dejgah, the New York Post reported, citing state media.

As per IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency), Haji had avoided showering over fears of “getting sick. However, for the first time a few months ago, “villagers had taken him to a bathroom to wash.”

Haji lived in an open brick hut and had faced some “emotional setbacks in his youth” that made him live in isolation.

Locals attributed Haji’s eccentricity to “emotional setbacks” in his youth.

In 2014, the Tehran Times reported that Haji also avoided fresh food, opting instead for rotted porcupines, and smoked a pipe of animal excrement. He smoked multiple cigarettes at once, all of which were gifted by villagers, IRNA reported.

Attempts to bathe him or provide him with clean water made him sad. But villagers persuaded Haji to take a bath a few months ago, following which he died on Sunday, IRNA said.

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