5 Indian Novels You Should read Right Away


Books shape us, they are the only medium through which one can learn a lot and make our life better from the lessons we get from them. It consists of data on history, politics, mythology, and many more. Here are some books that you may find interesting to read and know about.

Bravehearts of Bharat by Vikram Sampath 

Exploring the lives, times, and works of mostly neglected 15 unsung heroes and heroines of our past, this book brings to light the contribution of the warriors who not only donned armor and burst into the battlefield but also kept the flame of hope alive under adverse circumstances. It narrates the tales of valor and success that India, as a nation and civilization, bore witness to in its long and tumultuous past.

Winning Middle India by Bala Srinivasa and TN Hari 

Is a new force taking shape that could enhance access to affordable, quality products and services for hundreds of millions of Indians? The authors of this book are optimistic that the new generation of start-up founders, entrepreneurs, and agents of social change are creating avenues for a better life for 400-500 million Indians who are just below the top of the socioeconomic pyramid.

Manjhi’s Mayhem by Tanuj Solanki 

Introducing Sewaram Manjhi in this explosive novel that combines a tight mystery and an anti-hero who refuses to back down. Sewaram Manjhi works as a security guard outside a posh Bombay café. On the surface, he’s not unlike millions of invisible Indians who make the city tick, but there is a difference: he holds rage in his heart, and he will go to any length to snatch a chunk of the good life.

The Shadow Lines by Amitav Ghosh 

Split into two parts (‘Going Away’ and ‘Coming Home), the novel follows the life of a young boy growing up in Calcutta, who is educated in Delhi and then follows with the experiences he has in London. The title ‘The Shadow Lines’ is very significant as it shows the shadow lines between nations that can be surpassed only through emotional bonding. And this transcendence is clearly shown through the characters of Dutta-Chowdhary and Tresawsens and later Prices also.

Butter Chicken in Ludhiana by Pankaj Mishra 
Pankaj Mishra’s book takes him all across India, focussing on small towns from the North to the South, East to the West. Mishra’s haphazard journeying can be a bit dizzying: he has no real itinerary or route planned and there is little real flow to the trip. But the episodes in between are enjoyable. Mishra describes the people and his interaction with them well, an interesting cross-section of Indian society.
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