Palitana: The pure vegetarian city In India


Gujarat: There is no dearth of meat eaters in India, but there is a city in the country where no one eats meat. Palitana in Gujarat is the first pure vegetarian city in the world. The sale of meat is strictly prohibited in Palitana nestled amidst the beautiful plains. In 2014, the Gujarat government declared Palitana a completely vegetarian city.

Palitana is the only city not only in India but in the whole world where meat is not sold. We will also tell you why there is a ban on selling meat in Palitana. The sale of meat is strictly prohibited in Palitana, you will not find any non-vegetarian item on the restaurant menu here. It sounds strange because how can there be a city where not a single person eats meat? You will know the full story of Palitana becoming a pure vegetarian city.

The city is located in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat which is full of Jain temples. The city of Palitana is home to the beautiful hills of Shatrujaya and is the only hill in the world that has more than 900 temples. To reach Palitana city, you have to first go to Bhavnagar, from where you can reach Palitana just 50 km away by bus or taxi. If you are staying in Ahmedabad or Vadodara then you can reach here by train.

Jain monks and saints who came here in 2014 did a big agitation, they went on hunger strike. Because there are Jain and Hindu temples and animals were slaughtered and sold at this holy place. The saints demanded a ban on animal slaughter and the sale of meat in Palitana. After which the government banned the sale of meat here.

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