Things Not to Buy on Dhanteras


Every festival in Hinduism begins at a special moment, which has a lot of importance. Diwali is soon coming. Dhanteras falls on the Thirteenth Tithi of the Kartik month of Krishnapakhya. On this day people buy some things for the home.

But according to Vastu scriptures, certain things should not be bought on the day of Dhanteras. Now let us know what things are not bought on Dhanteras.


People buy many types of items for home decoration. Many people buy clay or porcelain utensils for use, but according to Vastu scriptures, buying any kind of clay utensils on Dhanteras is inauspicious. So do not buy any kind of earthenware or home decoration on this day.

Steel utensils

On Dhanteras, there is a tradition of doing some shopping for the house. It is said that on this day Lakshmi comes home if you buy something. But on Dhanteras, according to Vastu scriptures, buying steel utensils is inauspicious for the house. So on this day, you should not buy steel utensils.

Black things

Black color is not used on any auspicious occasion in Hinduism. However, it is said in Vastu scriptures that the black color is termed as the anger of Shani Dev. So don’t buy any kind of black-colored items in this Dhanteras.

Glass or Plastic

Do not bring glass or plastic items home on Dhanteras. Bringing it can cause chaos and strife in the house. These things can lead to a financial crisis in the house.

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