Why we go inside the temple only after ringing the bell? Know the reason


You ring the bell when you enter a temple. Most people do not know why this is done. What does ringing the bell do? Why do we go inside the temple only after the bell rings? However, there is a specific reason for installing and ringing bells in temples.

When a devotee comes to the temple, the bell is rung even during puja. It is recognized that the ringing of the bell awakens consciousness in the God idol established. If the devotees ring the bell before performing the puja, their puja will be more beneficial. Clearly, according to the Puranas, by ringing the bell in the temple, the sins of many births of a person are destroyed. Along with this, it is said in the Puranas that the sound that was produced at the time when the creation began, the ringing of the bell also produced the same sound.

So the ringing of the bell has much significance. Apart from this, the bell at the temple’s entrance is considered a time symbol. There are scientific as well as traditional reasons for this. The ringing of the bell in the temple creates a vibration in the atmosphere which is carried to great distances by the atmosphere. All bacteria and microorganisms that come within the range of this vibration are destroyed. As a result, the surrounding atmosphere is purified.

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