Explore The Unexplored Ones In Gonasika Hills This Winter


The meandering hills and hillocks of Odisha always entertain its visitors and signifies an applaudable note for that place. Such hill tourism in the state is Gonasika.

Gonasika is a famous hill situated in the Keonjhar district. Nestled amidst green valleys and wooded hills, Gonasika is famous as a sacred destination

The place is considered to be the origin of the River Baitarani and has a rich historical value. The place is located at a distance of just 45 km from the district headquarters of Keonjhar and it takes half an hour by car to reach the place from the district headquarters.

The place is very famous as the temple of Brahmeshwar Mahadev is situated here.

Gonasika Temple is surrounded by picturesque green valleys and rolling hills of varying colours and is famous as a pilgrimage centre. The famous temple of Brahmeswar Mahadev is established by the side of river Baitarni by Creator Brahma himself.

Perennial river Baitarni originated here through two nostrils of a cow. As strange to tourists, the river soon goes underground and re-emerges to be collected inside Brahma Kunda for which it is known as Guptaganga.

The shrine of Lord Shiva was constructed by King Laxmi Narayan Bhanja during 1654-1688 AD. The beautiful spot is rich in exotic flora & fauna and a rare place for the study of tribal Juang life. The spot is at a distance of 30 km from Keonjhar town

The place is absolutely perfect for a weekend vacation with friends and family. This is one of the beautiful tourist Attractions in Keonjhar. The serene location allures a number of nature lovers. The tourists love to explore the scenic locales of this place which is also a famous tourist spot.

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