Detox Salad Recipe: Healthy yet Yummy


New Delhi: Salads are no longer boring and bland. With different types of easy-to-make dressing, delicious gravy, and innumerable ingredient combinations, Salad today feature’s on people’s most favorite foods list. So if you too are health conscious as well as a huge foodie and looking for some yummy stuff with lots of nutrition, we have got you covered with this quick recipe.


  1. 1-2 Carrots, Cucumber, Purple cabbage
  2. Bell pepper, Coriander, and Mint leaves
  3. 1 tbsp- Black current (mildly roasted)
  4. 1 tbsp- Cashews-Almonds-Pistachios (mildly roasted)
  5. 3 tbsp- mildly roasted Sesame seeds
  6. Pinch of Salt
  7. 1 tbsp- Jaggery powder
  8. Small pieces of Ginger
  9. 1 Green chili
  10. Fresh Lemon Juice
  11. Water


*Grate 1-2 carrots
*Add cucumber, purple cabbage, and bell pepper
*Then add coriander and mint leaves
*Now add black current, mildly toasted cashews, almonds, pistachios
*In a mixer take three tablespoons of mildly roasted sesame seeds
*A pinch of salt
*Add one tablespoon of jaggery powder
*Add a small piece of chopped ginger and a green chili
*Squeeze some fresh lemon juice
*Add little water and churn it. Your sesame seed dressing is ready!
*Mix all the salad vegetables and sprinkle some sesame seeds on top.

Serve the salad with a drizzle of the dressing.

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