White Blanket Of Kasatandi Flowers Marks Goddess Durga’s Arrival


Bhubaneswar: The festive season in India marks its significance with the observance of Durga Puja. But before the festival, the Saccharum spontaneum flower or famously named as Kasatandi flower creates the delusion of a thick white blanket near river banks.

Saccharum spontaneum (wild sugarcane, Kans grass) is a perennial grass that can grow up to two-three meters in height. They welcome Maa Durga and as per the Hindu belief and these flowers bloom at that particular time when Durga puja

Kasatandi flowers are mostly found in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan. In India, places like Odisha and West Bengal have a special relationship with these flowers.

At the end of the monsoon white flowers from the grass, known as Kasatandi flowers, attract people as it looks like a white wave of the sea that flows silently.

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