WATCH: 40 People Lift Bus to Rescue Trapped Teen in Berlin

In a heartwarming incident that unfolded in Berlin, a group of 40 individuals came together to rescue an 18-year-old youth who was trapped under a bus. The young man’s predicament arose as he attempted to catch the bus, resulting in a fall that left him trapped beneath the rear axle’s tire.

The bus driver promptly stopped, and a remarkable display of human solidarity ensued as 40 people, including both passengers and bystanders, gathered to lift the bus, providing just enough clearance to free the trapped youth. Fortunately, the young man sustained only minor injuries during this harrowing incident.


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The video capturing this heroic rescue was shared on Instagram by Sky News, garnering widespread attention and admiration. In response to the video, viewers expressed their appreciation for the collective effort displayed by these Good Samaritans.

One user commented, “Humanity still exists, thank God.” Another shared, “Tears of joy, witnessing such kindness. So relieved the young man is safe.” A third individual noted, “They don’t wait for a superhero anymore.”

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