Groom’s Kiss to Bride During Wedding Sparks Off Violent Clash, 6 Injured

Lucknow: A groom’s public kissing of his bride during their wedding ceremony led to a violent clash between their families at Hapur’s Ashok Nagar in Uttar Pradesh on Monday, reported NDTV.

Enraged by the act, the bride’s family thrashed the groom’s relatives on stage after the newly-wed couple exchanged a kiss during the varmala ceremony. It was retaliated by the groom’s family. Six people, including the bride’s father, were injured in the clash.

The police were called and seven people from both families were detained.

The bride’s family alleged the groom forcibly kissed her on stage. The groom said that the bride had insisted on being kissed after the varmala ceremony.

So far, no written complaint has been received from either family in the case. But police have charged six people for disturbing public peace under section 151 of Indian Penal Code.

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