Naming Ceremony Of Baby Born to An Inmate Celebrated With Joy in UP Jail

Lucknow: The naming ceremony of a baby born to a female prisoner was celebrated with joy and rituals at the Kaushambi district jail in Uttar Pradesh.

As part of the ‘namkaran divas’ celebration of the child, the female inmates of the jail sang and danced to folk songs. A special meal was organized for all as part of the celebrations. The under-trial female prisoner had given birth to a baby girl 25 days ago. She was arrested in a fraud case. To mark the occasion, the Kausambi jail authorities for the first time organized a naming ceremony for the inmate’s baby on such a grand scale.

According to the jail authorities, a woman from Chitrakoot named Maya, wife of Mangal Raidas, was brought to the Kaushambi district jail on February 1, 2024 after being arrested in connection with a case for fraud.

About 25 days ago, she developed labour pain and delivered a girl at the district hospital in Kaushambi. Once she was brought back to the prison, the jail authorities came up with a proposal to organise the baby’s naming ceremony.

The jail staff bore all the expenses right from the rituals to the hosting of the feast. The jail staff also presented gifts to the newborn. A cradle was purchased for the child, and decorated with flowers and balloons. The mother was given a new sari and the child also got new clothes.

The celebrations were held in the women’s section of the prison. An emotional Maya later thanked the jail staff for organising the ceremony. She was seven-and-a-half-month pregnant when she was brought to the jail. The jail staff ensured her regular medical tests, provided her nutritious diet, and also helped her during the delivery.

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