Custom Officials Seize 47 Snakes, 2 Lizards from Passenger’s Bag at Trichy Airport

Tiruchirapalli: Customs authorities at Trichy International Airport made a significant discovery on Sunday when they seized 47 snakes and 2 lizards from the trolley bag of a passenger arriving from Kuala Lumpur. The individual, identified as Muhammad Moideen, has been taken into custody for further questioning.

Upon arrival, Moideen was intercepted by vigilant Customs officials who noticed something suspicious about his bags. Upon inspection, they found live reptiles of various species and sizes concealed in perforated boxes.

Forest officials were promptly notified and arrived at the scene to safely recover the 47 pythons and two lizards. Following the established regulations, the forest department is taking steps to repatriate the reptiles back to Malaysia.

The investigation is currently ongoing, and Moideen will be subjected to questioning to determine the purpose and origin of the reptiles. Such incidents underscore the importance of vigilant customs and wildlife protection measures at international airports to prevent illegal wildlife trafficking.

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