5G’s Advantages and Threats


New Delhi: The era of 5G technology has started in India today. By 2019, the new generation of telecom technology, which started in countries like South Korea and the United States, is now available in more than 70 countries around the world. When a new technology comes, it has some advantages and some disadvantages. Experts have different opinions on this. As this service has been piloted in 13 locations in the country today, experts have their opinion on its potential and risk aspects. Here they are provided.

Widespread use of new technologies

Telecom operators, Internet companies, and mobile phone manufacturers around the world have been waiting for a long time to make communication systems more accessible. The fourth phase of the current industrial revolution has already begun in the world. It seems the use of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). 5G will be very helpful in implementing these new technologies.

10x faster service

One of the major benefits of 5G technology is that it will increase the speed of communication systems in mobile phones and computers. 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies used to take much longer for movies, videos, music downloads, and streaming services. But with the advent of 5G technology, movies, videos, and music can be downloaded within seconds. This will be especially helpful for the fast-growing gaming industry. 5G is expected to provide 10 times faster service compared to 4G. Also, mining, warehousing, telemedicine, manufacturing, machine communications, etc. will be particularly beneficial.

Latency will be reduced

5G technology will reduce latency (time required for service to start) compared to previous technologies. It will also facilitate new and advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and virtual reality. This will provide a better browsing experience to the customers.

Improve communication

5G will not only speed up data transfer but also improve communication between devices. It will make service between cellular devices and wireless WiFi much easier.

Aviation may be at risk

Others, including Air India, canceled flights to the US as they attempted to launch 5G services in January this year. The main reason for this was that the new technology would cause difficulties in aviation. The C-band spectrum is used to determine the altitude of the aircraft. Now the spectrum of this band is also provided for 5G services. Therefore, concern has been expressed by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) by expressing the fear of this technology creating obstacles in the field of knowing the altitude of the aircraft. DGCA has recently written a letter to the Department of Telecom regarding this.

Cyber ​​security threats

5G technology poses threat to cyber security. Devices connected to 5G technology will become easy targets for cybercriminals. There is a risk of data theft due to this.

The battery will run out quickly

Another drawback of 5G technology is that it can quickly degrade cellular devices or mobile phones. As the battery drains faster, the lifespan of the mobile phone will be shorter. Apart from this, few manufacturers in the country are making mobile phones that can be used with 5G technology.

5G phone should be bought

To avail of the benefits of 5G services, people will have to buy smartphones and tablets that support the technology. According to a report, only 9.7 percent of smartphones in India can run 5G technology. When 4G services started in the country, companies started giving people new SIMs. But experts say that there will be no need for a new SIM to use 5G technology. Even if the 4G SIM will work in a phone with 5G technology, it will not get the full benefit of the new technology. So to get the full benefits of a 5G phone, you will need a 5G SIM.

5G mobile service has been launched in the country. However, the said service will be available in more than 200 cities of the country within the next 6 months. It is expected to make the service available in 80 to 90 percent of the country within 2 years, said Electronics and IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw. The minister said that BSNL will provide 5G services at affordable prices by August 15 next year. He said that today is a historic day for India in the 21st century for the launch of 5G services. The new technology will revolutionize India’s telecom sector, he said.

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