Azam Khan Found Guilty In 2019 Hate Speech Case


Rampur (Uttar Pradesh): A district court in Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur has found Samajwadi Party politician Azam Khan guilty of using hate speech. At 3 PM today, the court is scheduled to announce the quantum of the punishment.

Azam Khan was accused of using hate speech in 2019 after making remarks about Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

According to the registered provisions, there is a provision for a three-year maximum sentence of imprisonment.

Consequently, Azam Khan might lose his seat in the state legislature if he receives a term of two years in prison or longer. The Samajwadi leader is accused in roughly 90 cases, including one involving theft and corruption.

In a case involving alleged cheating, the Supreme Court of India granted him temporary bail earlier this year.

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