Bengaluru Couple Orders Xbox Controller on Amazon, Gets Live Cobra Inside Package

Bengaluru: In a startling incident, a Bengaluru couple discovered a live snake in their Amazon package. The snake, believed to be a spectacled cobra, was found stuck to the adhesive tape of the package containing an Xbox controller.

The couple, IT professionals from Sarjapur, captured the entire incident on video, which quickly went viral.

Amazon India is currently investigating the matter. A spokesperson stated, “The safety of our customers, employees, and associates is a top priority. We are committed to providing a trustworthy shopping experience and are thoroughly investigating this incident.”

The couple, who preferred to remain anonymous, reported that the package was handed to them directly by the delivery partner. “We live on Sarjapur road and have video evidence and eyewitnesses,” they said.

Fortunately, the snake did not harm anyone, although it was identified as a highly venomous spectacled cobra, native to Karnataka. The couple received a full refund but criticized Amazon for what they described as a severe safety lapse due to poor transportation and warehousing practices.

The shocking discovery has raised concerns about the safety protocols in place at Amazon’s facilities.

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