Historic Milestone: Deaf and Mute Lawyer Argues Supreme Court Case In Sign Language

New Delhi: In a groundbreaking move, the Supreme Court of India heard a case argued by a deaf and mute lawyer with the assistance of a sign language interpreter. This historic event marked a significant step towards ensuring equal access to justice in the country.

Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud, a proponent of equal access to justice, intervened and instructed the control room to allocate screen space to Ms. Sunny, allowing both her and her interpreter to appear on the screen and present their case.

This event underscores the ongoing efforts within the Indian legal system to promote inclusivity and accessibility, breaking down barriers and ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their abilities, can access and participate in the justice system.

The Supreme Court recently took another step towards inclusivity by incorporating sign language interpreters during its national stakeholders consultation on child protection and issuing invitations and program details in Braille for the first time.

Chief Justice Chandrachud’s establishment of a Supreme Court committee on accessibility is a testament to his dedication to understanding and addressing the challenges faced by differently-abled individuals. The annual national stakeholder consultations have been instrumental in bringing together key partners from various sectors to focus on the welfare of children, reinforcing the court’s commitment to inclusivity and justice for all.

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