Infant Mauled To Death By A Stray Dog In Noida

Noida: In a horrifying incident, a stray dog mauled a seven-month-old baby to death in a housing complex in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, according to reports in the media.

The incident happened within a community housing society, on Monday evening. The infant, who had multiple wounds, was urgently rushed to the hospital, where she, unfortunately, succumbed to her wounds. According to authorities, the event occurred inside the Lotus Boulevard society’s buildings in Sector 100 at around 4.30 PM.

“The boy’s parents are construction workers; both were working within the community and had kept the youngster close to them. Unfortunately, a stray dog had entered the community and bit the child, leaving him in critical condition,” Police officer Rajneesh Verma told the media.

As of yesterday, the ACP said that no complaints had been made regarding the incident because it involved a stray dog, but the police had informed the relevant agencies to look out for stray dogs.

The Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation forbade people from owning the vicious Pitbull, Rottweiler, and Dogo Argentino breeds due to an increase in dog bite occurrences recently. Additionally, it released a list of rules for Ghaziabad pet owners.

Pitbull and Rottweiler breeds of dogs were previously prohibited as pets inside city limits by the Kanpur Municipal Corporation (KMC) and the Panchkula Municipal Corporation.

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