IT raids on businessman’s house: Assets worth Rs 390 crore found


Mumbai: The income tax department is in action after ED. After West Bengal, the income tax department in Maharashtra also seized large properties. The Income Tax department has raided the houses of steel, textile traders, and real estate developers in Jalna, Maharashtra, in which a large amount of unclaimed property has been seized.

The income tax department has seized about 390 crores worth of unclaimed assets, including 58 crores in cash, 32 kilos of gold, diamonds, and pearls, and many property documents. It took 13 hours for the department to count the money found in the raid. Income tax raided from 1st to 8th August.

The Nashik branch of the Income Tax Department has succeeded in this challenge. About 260 officers and employees of the state were involved in this fight. The IT staff was divided into 5 teams and more than 120 lanes were used during the ride.

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