Karnataka Government to Repeal BJP-Introduced Anti-Conversion Law

Bengaluru: The Karnataka cabinet has made an announcement to withdraw the anti-conversion law that was introduced by the previous BJP government in the state.

This decision comes after the Bill, which aimed to prevent conversion through various means such as allurement, coercion, force, fraudulent methods, and mass conversion, was approved by the Karnataka Legislative Assembly in December 2021.

Subsequently, the government chose to enact an ordinance to implement the bill, and it received clearance from Karnataka Governor Thawarchand Gehlot on May 17, 2022. The ordinance needed to be ratified by the Assembly within six months to remain in effect.

To replace the ordinance, the Bill was presented in September and successfully passed by the Legislative Council. However, the legislation faced strong opposition from Congress MLAs and leaders of the Christian community.

Consequently, the Congress party, which attained a simple majority and assumed power in May this year, has taken the decision to repeal the controversial anti-conversion law.

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