‘Kyun Hawa Nikal Gayi’: WATCH Rahul Gandhi Mock Journalist

New Delhi: Holding his first press conference since being disqualified from the Lok Sabha, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi lashed out against a journalist who was questioning him on his conviction in the ‘Modi surname’ case.

Hitting out at the journalist, Gandhi in a satirical manner asked him why was he asking questions on behalf of the BJP in such a direct way, adding that he should be asking the questions in an indirect manner.

Gandhi said, “If you want to work for the BJP, then put a BJP symbol on the chest. Don’t pretend to be a pressman,” he added.

After the journalist stopped with the questions, Gandhi mocked him further by saying “Kyun hawa nikal gayi?”

A day after being barred from the Lok Sabha, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi claimed that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Central government was afraid of his questions over Adani and that democracy was under threat.

Rahul Gandhi stated that he will not “back down” from raising questions about the Adani stocks, despite threats, disqualification, and prison sentences.

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