“Leave Ukraine At The Earliest”: India To Its Nationals In Ukraine


New Delhi: India asked its nationals to leave Ukraine as soon as possible in a travel advisory issued on Wednesday.

According to the Indian embassy in Kiev, due to the deteriorating circumstances and recent escalation of hostilities around Ukraine, Indians were ordered to leave by whatever means possible.

The Indian embassy in Kyiv had issued an advisory on October 10 requesting Indians in Ukraine to avoid all non-essential travel in light of the escalation in hostilities after Russia retaliated for the bombing of the bridge to Crimea over the Kerch Strait.

Additionally, Indians were urged to alert the Indian embassy of their whereabouts.

After hostilities erupted in mid-February, Western nations urged their citizens to leave Ukraine quickly. However, it has now been reported that thousands of its citizens are battling with Ukrainian forces.

After October 10, Russia continued to target Ukraine through aerial attacks, particularly in Kyiv, the country’s capital. Consequently, Power disruptions and civilian casualties occurred.

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