‘Mangalyaan’ Runs Out Of Fuel, Reaches End Of Life: ISRO


Bengaluru: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Monday confirmed that India’s maiden mars mission is over as Mangalyaan is non-recoverable.

Over a decade after it was launched, Mangalyaan ran out of fuel, making it difficult to be revived in Red Planet’s orbit, it said.

On September 27, 2022, Isro organised a one-day national meeting to commemorate the Mars Orbiter Mission, as Mangalyaan completed eight years in Martian orbit.

During the national meeting, Isro deliberated that the propellant must have been exhausted, and therefore, the desired attitude pointing could not be achieved for sustained power generation.

“It was declared that the spacecraft is non-recoverable, and attained its end-of-life. The mission will be ever-regarded as a remarkable technological and scientific feat in the history of planetary exploration,” Isro said in a statement confirming that the Mars mission is officially over.

The mission could capture the full disc image of Mars because of its elliptical orbit and generate an atlas of Mars with the help of the colour camera onboard the mission, Isro further said in its statement.

The Mars mission had already exceeded expectations as it remained operational for over eight years when it was designed for a six-month-long mission around Martian orbit.

Mangalyaan was launched in 2013 onboard PSLV-C25 as the first interplanetary mission from India, making Isro the fourth space agency in the world to launch such a mission beyond Earth’s orbit.

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