Mega Crackdown On Gangsters: NIA Launches A Series Of Raids At Over 50 Locations In North India

In an ongoing investigation into gangs and their connections to terrorist organisations, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) conducted raids at more than 50 locations on Tuesday across multiple states in northern India.

To deconstruct and disrupt the increasing connection between terrorists, gangsters, drug smugglers, and traffickers with bases in India and overseas, operations were carried out in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Delhi, and the National Capital Region (NCR).

Earlier, the NIA carried out raids in connection with the investigation at 60 locations throughout India.

The NIA raid follows the re-registration of two cases that were previously filed with the Delhi Police and the initiation on August 26 of other investigations into the relationship between mafias and terrorist organisations.

Numerous gang bosses and the people they work with who are in charge of terror and illegal actions have been located and arrested. It was discovered that these gangsters were active not just in India but also internationally.

NIA officials claimed that the gangsters were terrorising the population by utilising cyberspace to publicise their crimes, which included making extortion calls to businesspeople and other professionals.

The NIA Investigations also showed that these illegal activities were part of a widespread conspiracy including terrorists, criminals, and drug trafficking networks and cartels that operated from both inside and outside the nation.

Tuesday’s crackdown included a raid by the NIA on mobster Naresh Sethi’s home in Jhajjar, Haryana. At 4 am, the NIA team arrived at Sethi’s home. The NIA team was escorted by the local police, including the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP).

Sethi’s relatives were interrogated, and his property and bank records were examined. The NIA crew spent roughly five hours at Sethi’s home.

Criminal cases involving murder and ransom were among those in which Sethi was involved. He is presently imprisoned in Delhi’s Tihar jail. Reportedly, he is connected to the Lawrence Bishnoi gang as well.

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