Mumbai Man Granted “Humanitarian” Bail 2 Days After Demise

Mumbai: A Mumbai court has approved temporary bail for a 62-year-old man accused of cheating, citing “medical and humanitarian grounds.” However, Suresh Pawar passed away mere hours after the conclusion of his bail hearing on May 9.

The additional sessions judge, Vishal S Gaike, granted him temporary bail two days after his demise. Pawar, a real estate agent, had been taken into custody for allegedly engaging in fraudulent activities involving forged property documents. This article delves into the circumstances surrounding his bail application and subsequent events.

Pawar had been incarcerated since December 31, 2021, and sought temporary bail for a duration of six months due to his deteriorating health conditions. In his bail application, Pawar emphasized his severe diabetic condition and various age-related ailments. The plea highlighted a distressing incident that occurred in February when Pawar sustained an injury to his toe, requiring hospitalization at J J Hospital. Subsequently, his toe developed gangrene, leading to its amputation.

According to the plea submitted, the high court had previously issued directives to the prison authorities to ensure adequate medical treatment for Pawar. Consequently, on April 19, he withdrew his bail application from the high court. However, Pawar’s health continued to decline rapidly, necessitating his readmission to J J Hospital on the same day. Regrettably, due to substandard medical care, the wound became septic, and his leg had to be amputated below the knee.

With subsequent complications arising, including a lung infection, Pawar appealed for temporary bail for six months to access appropriate medical treatment. Considering his age, the severity of his medical condition, and the need for ongoing medical care, the court acknowledged the humanitarian aspect of his situation. Therefore, it approved his request for temporary bail based solely on compassionate grounds.

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