Nashik Bus Tragedy: 12 Dead, Over 30 Injured


Nashik: A bus in Nashik on Saturday, under mysterious circumstances, caught fire, killing at least 11 people—including a child. Upon receiving the news, rescue authorities rushed to the spot for rescue operations and transferred the injured individuals and the bodies of the deceased to a nearby hospital. The Nashik Police is currently attempting to determine the precise number of fatalities with medical verification.

More than 30 injured were being treated at the nearby civil hospital while the accident’s cause was being looked into.

The majority of the passengers were asleep when the bus caught fire at five in the morning and was completely devoured by flames, according to reports.

According to Shinde, the cause of the fire is being investigated. The state capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai, is located about 200 km Northeast of Nashik.

However local media sources report that the bus caught fire upon colliding with a diesel tanker. Social media videos showed the bus being consumed by a large ball of fire.

Eknath Shinde, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, independently announced financial assistance of 5 lakh rupees for the families of the deceased and stated that the state would cover the cost of the injured people’s medical care.

Every year, tens of thousands of people die or are injured on India’s highways. The vast majority of collisions are a result of irresponsible driving, poorly maintained roads, and old vehicles.

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