‘Need For Speed’ Claims Lives Of Four Bihar Youths

Patna: A container truck was struck by a BMW car as it was speeding along the Purvanchal Expressway, killing all four people onboard. The collision caused the car to crash. The collision was so severe that the four people’s body parts were strewn across the road and the luxury car was reduced to a crumpled pile of iron.

The horrifying split-second catastrophe is said to have been caused by a detour on a patchy section of the highway, but the fatal machismo of the four cannot be discounted either. Unaware of the detour and the uneven spot that had recently caved in owing to the constant rain, a container truck driving in from the other side struck the four head-on.

Consequently, four families in Sasaram, Bihar, are mourning the loss of their loved ones as a result of the four friends’ thirst for speed.

Notably, the speed limit on highways is 100 km/h, as per the speeding regulations. However, the lengthy, winding roads, which are typically traffic free, encourage drivers to accelerate more quickly than is legal.

Although officials have not yet confirmed if the driver was driving under the influence, the can of drink, which looks to be beer, on the front also suggests that drunk driving was likely the case.

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