Former Student Under the Influence of Drugs Opens Fire At Teachers In Kerala School; Detained

Thrissur: In a disturbing incident, an 18-year-old former student disrupted the tranquillity of a school in Kerala’s Thrissur on Tuesday, brandishing a gun and threatening teachers and students.

The incident unfolded at around 10:15 AM when the unidentified teen, reportedly under the influence of drugs, stormed into the school office, demanding the presence of two specific teachers. His agitated demeanour and threats of setting the school ablaze sent shivers down the spines of the staff members.

Unfazed by the attempts to pacify him, the young man proceeded to barge into a classroom, pointing the gun towards the startled students. Thankfully, no casualties were reported during this ordeal.

Alert school authorities swiftly intervened and managed to subdue the unruly student with the assistance of local residents. The Thrissur police promptly arrived on the scene and took the teen into custody.

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