See Who Visited A Residential Colony Of MP Amid Heavy Rains; Its A Croco


Bhopal: Incessant rains led to floods have forced both humans and animals to spare the same space. However, such incidents create more havoc for humans when a wild animal enters into a public place.

We are talking about Madhya Pradesh’s Shivpuri district, where a crocodile wandered into a residential colony on Sunday.

The reptile was spotted in a colony near the old bus stand in the early hours of the day, following which the authorities were informed.

After an hour-long effort, a rescue team from Madhav National Park was called in and the crocodile was captured.

According to officials, the eight-foot-long reptile was later released in Sankhya Sagar Lake. The crocodile might have entered the colony from a swollen nullah passing next to it.

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