Solar Eclipse Today: What is a Partial Solar Eclipse?


Bhubaneswar: Certain areas of the nation will be able to witness a rare partial solar eclipse today, October 25. A partial solar eclipse will be seen over India for the first time in more than ten years, and it won’t happen again for another ten.

Due to the solar eclipse, the government of Odisha has declared today as a holiday. An official announcement states that all government offices, schools, universities, educational institutions, courts, banks, and other financial institutions will be closed on Tuesday.

Further, the Lord Venkateswara temple in Tirupati will be closed for around 12 hours. The temple would be closed from 8:11 am to 7:30 pm, a temple official informed.


When the Sun, Moon, and Earth are not quite lined up, there is a partial solar eclipse, which causes the Sun to appear to have a black shadow covering a portion of its surface. A partial solar eclipse has three phases: the beginning, when it reaches its maximum, and the finish.

The first solar eclipse of the year took place on April 30, making Tuesday’s eclipse the last one to happen this year.

An annular eclipse will be the next significant solar eclipse to be viewable from India on May 21, 2031, when the annularity can be seen from a small area of land in south India.

The next total solar eclipse will be viewed from India on March 20, 2034, and the totality will be seen from the northernmost region of Kashmir.


The eclipse must be observed with the utmost caution. Even while the eclipse may be seen to the unaided eye, the sun’s rays can seriously damage the eye.

Using appropriate sun filters, such as eclipse glasses, is the safest way to see the eclipse. These eyewear items, which are comprised of materials like aluminized Mylar or black polymer, will assist shield your eyes from harm.

During the eclipse, it is essential that all road users always drive with their headlights on.

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