This Hand Pump In Madhya Pradesh Village Spews Out Liquor Instead Of Water; Here’s Why


Bhopal: In what seems to be an eyebrow-raising incident at Bhanpura village in Madhya Pradesh’s Guna district, the local police officials have found a hand pump which spews out liquor when used.

Interestingly, while conducting a search in the same area recently, the cops found a hand pump dispensing liquor instead of water.

After conducting a frantic search, police and excise sleuths of the area busted an illegal liquor den and seized a huge stock of it.

The engineering marvel was discovered when police stormed the hamlet and found eight barrels filled with liquor buried underground.

Drums of liquor were concealed underground at a distance of a few metres from houses, and the accused then installed hand pumps over them, which were connected to drums containing the liquor.

The liquor was drawn from the hand pump and sold in polybags by the dealers.

A video of police officers draining booze from a hand pump is now doing rounds on social media.

According to reports, by the time police arrived at the spot, the accused had escaped. Eight suspects involved in the illegal trade were identified and a search was on to nab them.

Police said that the country-made liquor is manufactured in almost every household of the village.

Meanwhile, additional research is being conducted in this regard.

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