1981 Indian hijacker’s Address found to be Pakistan


New Delhi: In 1981, Boeing-737 of Indian Airlines was hijacked. The plane with 11 passengers was on its way from Delhi to Amritsar when it was hijacked by 5 terrorists and landed at Lahore airport in Pakistan. Among the five terrorists was a terrorist named Gajinder Singh, who was the founder of the Maoist organization Dal Khalsa. After a gap of many years, his Pakistani address is now available. At the time of the hijacking, the terrorists demanded the formation of a separate Sikh nation and the release of General Singh Bhindranwale, who is said to be the leader of the Khalistani movement. They held talks with India’s ambassador to Pakistan, Natbar Singh, and demanded 5 million US dollars.

The Pakistani government arrested the terrorists and sentenced them to life imprisonment in a Pakistani court. But Gajinder was released from Pakistan jail in October 1994. The Indian government has asked Pakistan to extradite Gajinder several times, but the Pakistani government has been saying that Gajinder does not live in its country. Recently, Gajinder shared a photo on his Facebook, in which he is seen standing in front of the Paniya Sahib Gurdwara in Hasil Abdul, Punjab province, Pakistan. An official said that this will expose the lies of the Pakistani government and India will demand his extradition.

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