CBSE Cautions Schools Against Starting Academic Session Before April 1


New Delhi: The CBSE has warned schools against starting their academic session before April 1. According to the CBSE authorities, such early start of academic session increases anxiety and burnout among students.

CBSE came up with this warning following information that several schools affiliated with it had started their academic sessions for Classes 10 and 12.

In an official order, the CBSE secretary Anurag Tripathy said, “It has been noticed that some of the affiliated schools have started their academic session quite early in the year. Attempting to complete an entire year’s worth of course work in a reduced timeframe poses risks for students who may get overwhelmed and struggle to keep up with the pace of learning, leading to anxiety and burnout,”

The board has noted that preponing the academic session does not give students enough time for extracurricular activities like learning life skills, value education, health and physical education, work education, and community service.

“All these activities are equally important as academics. The principals and heads of institutions of the schools affiliated with the board are, therefore, advised to refrain from beginning academic sessions before the specified time and strictly follow the academic session from April 1 to March 31,” the CBSE secretary said.

Board exams for Classes 10 and 12 conducted by the CBSE began on February 15 and will conclude on March 21 for Class 10 and April 5 for Class 12.

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