Chhattisgarh says to open the gate: the risk of flooding in the river has increased


Chhattisgarh, upstream of Mahani, is experiencing heavy rains. Given this, 20 gates of Hirakud Reservoir were opened by Friday. Despite this, the neighboring state is pressing for more gates to be opened due to the threat of flooding, said Anand Chandra Sahu, head of Diamond Dam, on Saturday morning.

By evening, 14 more gates have been opened in the 4th phase. Normally, when 28 gates are opened, the river floods. Because 34 gates were opened by 8 pm, the risk of flooding has increased in various districts of Odisha.

Due to low pressure one after another, the state has been receiving heavy rain for the past few days. Heavy rain is also happening in Chhattisgarh, upstream of Mahanadi. Keeping this in mind, 34 gates of Hirakud Reservoir have been opened. But heavy to very heavy rain may occur in Chhattisgarh for the next two days as well, says the Meteorological Department. So more gates of Hirakud Reservoir can be opened. As a result, there is a risk of flooding in the river and its tributaries, said Vijay Mishra, chief engineer (EIC) of the water resources department. Similarly, the water level of the Baitarani and Jalka rivers is also increasing due to heavy rains. Given the threat of flood, the water resources department has canceled the leave of all the employees of the department. It has been asked to be careful and work according to the instructions.

The EIC said, if there is more rain in the upper reaches of the river, moderate flooding may occur. Due to heavy rains in Chhattisgarh, the Hirakud Dam is under pressure. Chhattisgarh water resources department officials are pressing to open more gates in Hirakud. By 8 am on the 15th, the flood water will cross Mundali. At this time, 7 lakh to 8 lakh cusecs of water can flow there every second. If more than 28 gates are opened, there is usually a risk of flooding. Downstream villages have been warned of possible flooding. The district administration has been asked to evacuate people where necessary. Senior officers of the department are being sent to the affected districts.

Beitarni river is flowing on the danger mark in Akhuapada of Bhadrak. Here, the danger signal level of Beitrani is 17.83 meters while it is flowing at 18.14 meters. The flood waters are rising there. Similarly, the floodwaters in the mouth of the Jalka river are flowing on the danger signal. Here the danger signal is 5.5 meters while it is flowing at 6.31 meters. The danger signal level at Mahanadi Naraj is 26.41 meters while the flood water is flowing above 24.47 meters. Similarly, in Alipingal, the river’s danger signal is 11.76 meters, but now it is flowing at 6.7 meters. Floodwaters are also increasing in Sundergarh Ibnadi. The danger signal level of that river is 222 meters while the flood water is flowing at 218.18 meters. Similarly, flood water is increasing in Jamsholaghat and Rajghat of Subaranarekha river, while flood water is rising in Parkuhottampur of Rushikulya river. Floodwaters are also increasing in Kashinagar of Fuldhara. The water resources department has been instructed to keep a strict watch on the weak river banks.

On the other hand, the low pressure created in the North Bay of Bengal region has intensified. The weather department has warned that there will be heavy to very heavy rain in many parts of the state for the next two days.

Drainage at 34 gates of Hirakud

By 7 pm on Saturday, flood water is being drained from the Hirakuda reservoir through 34 gates. The number of gates has been increased due to heavy rain at the upper end. According to reports, the water level in the reservoir is 617.06 feet. 4 lakh 68 thousand 17 cusecs of water is entering the reservoir every second. 4 lakh 99 thousand 750 cusecs of water is being discharged to spillway, power channel, agriculture, industry, etc. 25 thousand cusecs of water is flowing in Belgaon, 79 thousand 553 in Parthala, 5 lakh 41 thousand in Khairmal, 5 lakh 2 thousand 500 in Barmula, 3 lakh 42 thousand 309 cusecs of water in the lower head of Hirakuda reservoir.

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