Cyclone Biparjoy: 2 Dead, 23 Injured In Gujarat, Confirms NDRF

Gujarat: Cyclone Biparjoy has so far injured 23 people, and killed 24 animals and 2 humans, before it made landfall in Gujarat, confirmed NDRF.

Reportedly, Cyclone Biparjoy made landfall in Gujarat by crossing the Saurashtra-Kutch coast near the Jakhau Port (Gujarat) between 22:30 and 23:30 IST, said the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

As Cyclone Biparjoy approaches Gujarat, there will be an increase in wind speed and rainfall. The meteorological department has forecasted heavy to very heavy rainfall in the 55 tehsils of the eight most vulnerable districts, which have already received 2,248 mm of rain in the past three days.

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