Dinosaur footprints found 150 million years old found in China, scientists are investigating


Scientists keep making discoveries every day to find out about the dinosaurs that once ruled this earth. In this episode, scientists have found more than 4,300 dinosaur footprints in China.

It is being said that these marks are 150 million years old (about 150 million years). Now a scientist has started investigating these footprints.

According to a report in the South China Morning Post, Chinese researchers have discovered more than 4,300 dinosaur footprints in Zhangjiakou in the northern Chinese province of Hebei. This discovery has been considered a landmark discovery in the field of paleontology.

In the report, scientists have said that the size of 9,000 square meters is between the Jurassic and Cretaceous eras, or about 150 million years ago. These claw marks were first discovered in April 2020, gradually so many marks were found.

According to the report of China Daily, based on the footprints of dinosaurs, their length and weight can be ascertained. Dinosaur expert Jing Lida of the China University of Geosciences told China Daily that footprints not only reflect the way dinosaurs lived and behaved, but also the interactions between dinosaurs of that time and their living environment.

Four different species of dinosaurs have been discovered in the traces discovered. However, no name has been given to them yet. Experts speculate that these marks may belong to a species of dinosaur that has not yet been identified. Only after investigation can it be known whether these dinosaurs are vegetarian or carnivorous. According to the research so far, carnivores were smaller in size. Their length was only four to five meters. Whereas, whereas herbivores could grow up to a length of about 15 meters.

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