Electricity from Solar Energy Farms in Space by 2035

By 2050 all power needs of humans on earth may be met by solar energy tapped in space by man-made satellites.


By 2035 we may import solar energy from space to meet the increasing electricity needs of human civilization on earth. Solar energy will be transported to earth from space through microwaves. Britain’s Space Energy Initiative (SEI) has already started groundwork on this project named. Very soon this company will send large satellites to orbit the earth and collect solar energy.  America’s Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) is also working on some similar technology.

Space Power:

According to a BBC report, the SEI company claims that theoretically, this endeavor can meet the world’s all energy needs by 2050. Satellites sent to high orbits around the earth will generate ample solar energy and send it toward the Earth.

Space-age technology:

Sun’s energy supply in space is much higher than what we get on earth’s surface. Earth’s atmosphere scatters a large portion of solar energy that reaches the earth. No such scattering occurs in space. So solar energy collected by satellites in high geostationary orbits will be able to collect more than 100 times more solar energy every year.

Satellites will convert solar energy into high-frequency radio waves which will be sent to Earth through antennas. On earth, these radio waves will be converted into electricity. Each satellite will be capable of producing 2 GW of electricity.

Robot labourers:

Millions of small portions made on earth will be assembled in space with the help of robots. Robots will do the maintenance and servicing of this solar energy farm project.

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