Group clash between two in-law


Bhubaneswar: The father and brother beat up the in-laws including the son-in-law for beating the girl and throwing her out of the house. A charge has been filed in Bharatpur police station today. According to the complaint, Banmali Majhi’s daughter had a love marriage with her neighbor Laxman Sahu’s son a few months ago.

The newlyweds left the house and stayed elsewhere due to the lack of consent of the two families. However, after settling the dispute, both of them returned home. After returning home, Laxman’s family members beat Banmali’s daughter and kicked her out of the house demanding a dowry.

There was tension between the 2 families around it. Centering on this, today Banmali and his son Shankar’s son-in-law Kahana were beaten up. When Kahana’s elder brother Krishna objected, they also chased him down the road and attacked him with iron rods. Later there was a group clash between the two families. In the attack on Banamali and his son Shankar, including son-in-law Kahana, Krishna, Chuku, and Kuna were seriously injured. Police have filed a case on both sides.

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