Hijab Controversy: Notice to Karnataka Govt


New Delhi: The controversy over the hijab is not stopping. Today, the Supreme Court issued a notice to the Karnataka government regarding the hijab ban issue and asked for its response. A petition was filed in the Supreme Court against the decision of the Karnataka High Court. The next hearing of the case will be held on September 5

Notably, the Karnataka High Court dismissed the petition of Muslim students of a college in Udupi to allow them to wear hijabs in classrooms. Wearing the hijab is part of Islam but not an essential religious practice. High Court ordered them to wear school and college uniforms. Also, the High Court banned the wearing of clothing that disturbs equality, integrity, and public order in schools and colleges.

The High Court said that the students are bound to follow the uniform prescribed by the educational institutions. This court gave this verdict on March 15th of this year. However, a student named Niba Naz challenged the decision of the High Court in the Supreme Court. He said in his petition that the Karnataka High Court had erred in ruling on ‘freedom of religion’ and ‘freedom of individual’. The appeal was heard in the Supreme Court today.

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