Illicit Affair Suspicion: Man Slits Friends Throat, Drinks His Blood in Karnataka

Bengaluru: Vijay, a man from Chikkaballapur in Karnataka was arrested for slitting the throat of his friend and drinking his blood. Luckily the victim has survived and is undergoing treatment in a hospital.

According to investigating police officials, the accused suspected that his friend Maresh was having an illicit affair with his wife. This led to the gruesome lethal attack.

A person recorded the horrific incident on camera, and the clip is making rounds on social media.

According to police sources, Vijay had decided to confront Maresh regarding his suspicion about the illicit affair of his wife. He asked Maresh to meet him.

During the interaction, the tension escalated and in anger, Vijay allegedly slit Mahesh’s throat with a sharp weapon. Later Vijay held down his friend and tried to drink his blood.

In the video clip, Vijay was also seen to be punching and slapping the injured man.

Vijay was arrested after the chilling video went viral on social media. A case of attempt to murder has been registered against Vijay.

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