Influenced by KGF, man turns to serial killer


Bhopal: The police have achieved great success in arresting the serial killer who was targeting and killing security guards in Madhya Pradesh. 19-year-old Shivprasad Dhrubey, who is involved in the murder of 5 people so far, was arrested on Friday. He confessed to the police that he had done this to become a popular gangster inspired by the film KGF-2.

In addition, he has admitted to having committed 4 murders in the last 5 days, said the police. It is reported that he killed another person before he was caught at around 3:30 am on Friday. However, the police said that the investigation is going on whether he is involved in the murder of another security guard last May.

Shiv Prasad, a resident of Kesli area of ​​the city, was found to have killed a security guard in Bhopal’s Lalghati with a marble stone on Thursday night. Police arrested the accused through CCTV footage and mobile phone tracking. Shivaprasad was inspired by the character Rocky Bhai from the film KGF-2. He plans to become a gangster by collecting funds through such killings. According to the preliminary investigation, he thought that he could target and kill police officers in the future. Shivaprasad was only killing the sleeping security guard. While studying till 8th standard, he was doing odd jobs in Goa. He also knows some English. First, he attempted to kill a person in Pune, Maharashtra. Later came to Sagar city of Madhya Pradesh. After 3 murders occurred on 3 consecutive days from August 28, the police wanted to arrest him

After releasing the sketch and informing about the accused, it announced a reward of 30 thousand rupees. On the other hand, security guard Mangal Ahirowar, who was undergoing treatment in critical condition, died.

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