Israel Claims PIJ Misfired Rockets Destroyed Gaza Hospital, Shares Audio & Video Proof

Israeli Defence Forces or IDF claimed on Wednesday that the bombing of Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza was due to misfired rockets by another Gaza-based militant organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad or PIJ.

In a press conference, IDF spokesperson Hagari said that after careful review of “evidence”, they have concluded that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group was responsible for the Al Ahli hospital blast.

He said that moments before the hospital blast, a barrage of rockets was fired by Hamas towards Israel at 18:15 local time on Tuesday and nearly 45 minutes later, around 10 more rockets were fired by the PIJ from a nearby cemetery.

At the same time, he claimed, the hospital was bombed.

Hagari also claimed to have intelligence that shows communication between militant groups discussing failed rocket launches. A purported conversation between militants was also shared on X by the IDF.

Describing the technicalities of the attack, Hagari also showed some pictures of the blast site and sought to explain why it was not caused by IDF strikes. He said Israeli strikes would have created a “crater” of some sort of structural damage at the site.

However, he claimed, there was not such damage and “the walls stay intact”.

Hagari said that Israel’s “radar system” also tracked rockets fired from within Gaza.

Over 500 people are feared dead after a blast rocked the Al Ahli Arab hospital in the Gaza city.

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