Kashmir Pandit: heads are falling, who will protect?

Mumbai: Bollywood’s famous actor Anupam Kher, who started his career as a villain, has added many amazing films to his list today. Anupam Kher’s film ‘Kashmir File’ is very close to the life of a Kashmiri Pandit.

In this film, his character was portrayed as a Kashmiri scholar. Recently, on August 16, the news of the Kashmiri Pandit’s killing came to light again. In such a situation, Anupam Kher has expressed his response and said that this incident has had a positive impact on terrorism.

According to information, terrorists attacked in Shopian area of ​​Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday. A Kashmiri Pandit died in this attack. The deceased has been identified as Sunil Bhatt and one other person has been injured. As soon as the news of this incident spread around, Bollywood celebrities reacted to it.

All of them were injured in this incident. In this incident, Anupam Kher gave an interview to a news agency. In an interview, Anupam Kher said, ‘It is very shameful to oppress Kashmiri Pandits. They are killing those who are working for the security of India. The actor also said that this has been happening for the past 30 years. The more you criticize, it will be worth nothing. This type of thinking has to change.

So after this incident, the question is now that who will protect the Kashmiri Pandits? And when they can live their lives without worry? Concerns are now being expressed as to when such vindictive behavior will stop based on what has happened in the past.

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