Law & Order system can be improved with latest technology: PM Modi


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that Panch Prans must be a guiding force for good governance and will play a major role in achieving the vision of a developed India in Amrit Kaal.

The Prime Minister said this while virtually addressing the two-day Chintan Shivir of Home Ministers of States, being held at Surajkund in Haryana. The Prime Minister added, though the law and order are the responsibility of the states as per the Constitution, at the same time, they are equally associated with the unity and integrity of the country.

PM Narendra Modi stressed that it is very important that the entire law and order system is reliable and their perception among the public is too important. He asserted that every state should take inspiration from each other and incorporate best practices to strengthen the country and added that this is the spirit of the constitution.

PM Narendra Modi opined that strengthening the country will empower every citizen of the country which he termed good governance. He stressed that every state should take this benefit to the last person standing in a row and to ensure this, the role of the Home Minister is more important. Prime Minister Modi pointed out that crime is no longer localized and instances of interstate, international crimes are going up, therefore, mutual cooperation among state agencies and between central and state agencies is becoming crucial.

He pointed out, whether it is cybercrime or the use of drone technologies for the smuggling of weapons or drugs, the government needs to keep working towards new technologies to tackle the menace.  He added, the law and order system can be improved further with the help of smart technology.

He requested the Chief Ministers and Home Ministers to seriously assess the need for technology, going beyond the constraints of the budget as this technology will percolate the confidence of security among common citizens.

Mr. Modi said, maintaining law and order is a 24-hour job and for any work, it is essential to keep on improving the system. He informed that in the past year several reforms were undertaken to further improve the law and order leading to building an atmosphere of peace.

The Prime Minister said, the country has taken strict action to tackle terrorism and the hawala network, and corruption and Laws like the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and UAPA have given strength to the system in a decisive battle against terrorism.

Drawing attention to the fake news incidents, the Prime Minister highlighted that Fact check of fake news is a must and technology will play a big role in this regard and people must be made aware of mechanisms to verify messages before forwarding them.

In his address at the Chintan Shivir, the Prime Minister suggested considering a single uniform for the police of the states of the entire country. He said this will not only ensure quality products due to the scale but also will give a common identity to law enforcement agencies.

Reiterating the need to obliterate the ground network of terrorism, the Prime Minister remarked that every government in its own capacity and understanding is trying to do its part.  He said that it is the need of the hour to come together as one and handle the situation.

He added, that every form of Naxalism, be it the one with guns or the one with pens, they have to be uprooted to prevent them from misleading the youth of the country. The Prime Minister warned that such forces are increasing their intellectual sphere to pervert the minds of coming generations.

Prime Minister highlighted that in the last eight years, the number of Naxal-affected districts in the country has come down significantly. He said, be it Jammu and Kashmir or North East, today we are moving fast towards permanent peace.

The two-day Chintan Shivir of State Home Ministers which began yesterday is an endeavor to provide a national perspective to policy formulation on internal security-related matters, in accordance with the Panch Pran announced by the Prime Minister in his Independence Day speech.

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