Like in Films a Woman Fakes Her Own Death by Killing Another Woman

New Delhi: A 22-year-old woman allegedly murdered another woman to fake her own death in Greater Noida area of Delhi. She is said to have dressed up the deceased mall employee with her own clothes after the killing. Police has taken this woman into custody for investigation.

The accused Payal Bhati and her lover Ajay Thakur allegedly killed this female mall employee who had looks similar to that of Payal. Police said that the accused took the victim to Payal’s house. After killing her they disfigured her face beyond recognition. According to police officials quoted by the news agency PTI, they also intentionally left behind a fake suicide note to make the whole incident look like the suicide of Payal. The deceased woman was missing since November 12.

Believing the suicide note the body was handed over to Bhati’s relatives, who cremated the body.

Payal’s parents had committed suicide around six months back. She was blaming some relatives for this. It is suspected that she may have staged her own death to frame her relatives in a false case. Some of his relatives claim as her relationship with Ajay was being opposed by family members; Payal faked her own death to marry Ajay in secret.

Interrogation of Payal and detailed investigation will reveal the truth behind this murder which seems to be motivated by some crime thriller movie.

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