L&T Releases Diwali Film: Connecting Hearts, Lighting Paths


Larsen & Toubrofigures prominently among India’s most trusted and respected brands because of its multifaceted contributions to the country’s developmental journey encompassing infrastructure, manufacturing, power, technology services, and defence.

On Diwali, the company released an evocative short film that brilliantly encapsulated the role of “a builder to the nation” that L&T has been playing for over eight decades now.

The 2-minute-long creative film shows a little girl eagerly awaiting her soldier-father’s homecoming on Diwali.

The film depicts the soldier’s journey and homecoming as a mark of victory associated with L&T’s contributions in developing India’s infrastructure and transportation facilities like highways, metro rails, airports, and the deployment of advanced technologies in securing the country’s borders from invasion.

“Mythologically speaking, Diwali signifies the fulfillment of the promise of homecoming. As India’s foremost construction, engineering solutions, and technology services company, Larsen & Toubro has been keeping its promise to empower India through its very many offerings in infrastructure, energy, and defence sectors.”

“This film reaffirms that we will continue to live up to our promise so that every Indian too can keep promises that they make to their loved ones,” says,  Yuvraj Mehta, Head- Corporate Brand Management and Communications, Larsen & Toubro.      


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