Man Served Wrong Meal, Demands Rs 1 Cr Compensation From Hotel

Agra: A man who is vegetarian sought  Rs 1 crore compensation from a reputed luxury hotel for serving non-vegetarian food.  He said that the non-vegetarian food not only hurt his religious sentiments but also put his life in danger.

The man has been identified as Arpit Gupta.

According to reports, the hotel, which belongs to a reputed international chain of luxury hotels, served a guest non-vegetarian food instead of vegetarian food as was ordered. When the guest realized that he had eaten non-vegetarian food, he claimed that his health had deteriorated and he had to be admitted to a hospital.

Gupta has now threatened legal action against the hotel. The demand for compensation of Rs 1 crore was made through a notice sent by him to the hotel management.

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