People spending a lot to increase height


New Delhi: In today’s age of science, everything is possible. People are making the impossible possible. What was once beyond imagination is now becoming reality. Many people are worried about their short height. Even with a lot of effort, one cannot become a winger. But now, a surgeon from the USA has made it possible.

According to a report, an American cosmetic surgeon (who specializes in leg extensions) is spending a lot of money on the employees of many big tech companies to get wings. Cosmetic surgeon Kevin Deviprasad was able to lengthen a patient’s leg in a painstaking, month-long procedure. Mr. Deviprasad opened his clinic in Las Vegas.

His clients include employees of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Meta. Those who pay 75,000 dollars (59,75,243 rupees) for this process. He set up this company in 2016 and his business grew exponentially during Covid-19. According to the report, the cost of this procedure is between $70,000 and $150,000. It depends on the customer how much he wants to grow (3, 4, 5, or 6 inches).

One of the software engineers involved in the process said that he spent the first three months after the surgery in his apartment and ordered meals during this time. The man spent a lot of money and his wings grew three inches – from 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-9. He said that most of his customers are men. How is this process done? The cosmetic surgeon said, the patient’s femur (shinbone) was broken and a metal nail was inserted into it, which fixed it. With magnetic remote control, the nail is extended daily for 3 months.

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