Pitbull attacks a 10-year-old boy; has more than 150 stitches


Ghaziabad: Cases of dog bites are continuously coming up from Delhi NCR. Meanwhile, a 10-year-old boy was attacked and badly injured by a pit bull in the Sanjay Nagar area of ​​Ghaziabad. Doctors had to put more than 150 stitches on the face of the child.

Taking the matter seriously, Circle Officer Ritesh Tripathi has imposed a fine of five thousand rupees against the dog owner. He also added that the registration of the pitbull was not even done, so further action will be taken against the dog owner as per the law.

A boy named Pushp Tyagi was fatally attacked by a dog of the Pitbull breed. The incident is being told on September 3, whose video has now surfaced. The dog badly injured the child. Due to this, the doctors had to put more than 150 stitches on the face of the child.

The incident took place when the child was playing in the park outside the house. There, the girl, who was walking the dog Pitbull breed in the park, suddenly left the dog and attacked the child’s face and ear. The people present there somehow rescued the child from the dog’s clutches. This whole incident was captured on the CCTV camera installed there. However, by the time people rescued the child, the dog had badly injured him. After this incident, the relatives of the victim’s child are very angry.

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