Policemen Caught Drinking With Prisoners in Dry Bihar

Patna: Although the ban on liquor continues in Bihar, five prisoners and two policemen were caught red-handed while enjoying a liquor party inside an excise police station in Paliganj of Bihar. All of them including the two erring police constables were arrested.

This incident came to the fore when a video clip of their liquor party became viral on social media. This video was recorded by some other prisoner at the excise police station. He immediately sent to some of his contacts including the Paliganj ASP.

When Paliganj Police raided the excise police station, they found the lock-up locked from the outside. But the liquor party was continuing inside.

An investigation is on to find out how the prisoners and the two policemen could get liquor and food into the lock-up.

It is suspected that some person in the excise department or some outsider having connections with personnel of this excise police station may have provided liquor to the prisoners.

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